The Last Dialogue

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We all know of the famous plot of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. They both ended their lives for the sake of love. But it often occurs to me, did Romeo really die. Didn’t he meet Juliet before he lay on the deathbed. Didn’t he exchange his final good-byes?

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Lamha – (A moment)

A blog in Hindi language, but written in English. Its a poem on ‘A Moment’.

Ek lamha tha jo chu gaya,
Kuch lamha woh aisa jud gaya.

Ek lamha tha joh hoton tak na aaya,
Kuch lamha woh aisa, naino ke lavsz suna gaya.

Ek lamha tha joh paimane ko na takraya,
Kuch lamha woh aisa, silvatein badalta gaya.

Ek lamha tha joh mehsoos na hua,
Kuch lamha woh aisa, ek ehsaas jaga le gaya.

Ek lamha tha joh halki aahat na sun saka,
Kuch lamha woh aisa, dil mein dastak si de gaya.

Ek lamha tha joh itefaak se mila,
Kuch lamha woh aisa, aadat si ban gaya.

Ek lamha tha joh yaadon ko talaashein,
Kuch lamha woh aisa, manzil ko aazmayein.

Ek lamha tha joh judaai se na mita,
Kuch lamha woh aisa, ishq se mil gaya.

Ek lamha tha joh zehen se na nikla,
Kuch lamha woh aisa, nasal mein bas gaya.

Chalta raha lamho ka yeh silsila,
Karigari bangayi hai ab zindagi.

Ae lamha tu hain kahan,
Khuda se hoon ab mila par rooh se tu na gaya.

Ek lamha tha jo chu gaya,
Kuch lamha woh aisa jud gaya.

A Web of Wealth

Hi Friends,

I want money, fame and success…. The most trending talk of our lives today. What is Wealth? How do we create it?

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Kamasutra – Beyond the layman’s lovemaking.


I want you to look at me, the way I look at love.
I want you to trigger passion in me, the way I revive in desire.
I want you to arouse pleasure in me, the way I reach ecstasy.
My spirit is vagabond.
My soul is divine.
Liberate the energy and transcend my being.Passions Blog
I call it ‘The Prayer’.

Kamasutra, the non-platonic relationship ain’t just a physical language to lovemaking. The story is imaginative and vintage in nature. Its a creative integration of sex and spirituality. It conspires the union of male and female cosmic principles. It’s the road to enlightenment.

Our mind plays a stimuli to follow the needs of our body. This is an innate aspect of human life. However, it can be perceived in different ways.

There is tranquility. And then there’s the wild. I am both at the same time.
But still there’s a difference.

Let me explain.

Its easy to take off your linen and lower down in the want of love. People do it most of the times as a submission to the euphoric pleasure. But opening up your senses to someone and letting them in, to meet your thoughts, fears, hopes and the spirit…. is being naked. This divine communion when two souls meet in the same unison ignites a fire of an enlightening experience. It is the beautiful connect between the mind and the soul. It can become an ascending ladder to spirituality. We call this the map of salvation. While kamasutra emphasizes the power of making love as the life force, its also a step towards moksha for the hungry soul. When you gesture love, it gestures primarily as a bodily act. But when you loosen it through the mind, it becomes more deep, subtle and enriching. It’s a graph upwards. The orgasmic bliss is meditative in nature. The silent journey is an awakening of our spiritual evolution. We must experience the energy, nourish it and keep it alive in our awareness. It’s a sacred intimacy to achieve chastity in our soul. The eureka moment is ‘Zen’. It’s a succession of treading the path of mankind to salvation. The spiritual dimension of Kamasutra is transformative and magical.

On the vedic aspect Kamasutra is referred to the model of divine erotica. Taking birth in ancient India, its an old hindu text written by Vatsyayana in the epic period of 4th Century BCE. Its prime philosophy lays on the theory of love, what triggers desire, what sustains it and how and when it is good or bad. It aims at 4 main goals of life:-

  1. Kama – desire.
  2. Artha – materialistic prosperity.
  3. Dharma – right and virtuous living.
  4. Moksha – liberation. The nirvana.

Kamasutra is an esoteric teaching of life. It is the libido of our spiritual evolution. Unravel the instinct of its mystic travel. Find your spiritual inner being.


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