Alimony – The norm

The law pronounced alimony as a norm of division of assets – a parting gift for every spouse. While technically it still remains an alimony, I feel its more of a barter.

The reverse gear has conked. But the momentum is on acceleration.

So friends, here’s my take on it.

When life began, I simply held his hand and walked every step with him. Time just rolled by. Days became months & then eventually graduated to years. The bond of love slaved us to its destiny. Time became the roller coaster and we sat on its back for the joyride.

Life gave opportunities for the goodness of things to share. Small interests became a common corner. Coffee tables were the best laughter hacks. Bike speeds became the adrenalin springer of energy.

Mornings threw warm sunshine. The radiant gleams sparked me to do something afresh, but “together”. The mirth became my cloud no 9. Every whirlwind that took over me, I just clung into his broad shoulders calling it my safety zone. My heroism was all gripped back with courage to fight again and conquer the world one more time. When my heart cried in the lonely darks, I felt a shrug rub towards me. A small voice peeked in with a big smile “Chalta hai yaar.” The directions which were destined wrong, lead to the right roads and the belief of faith just grew stronger.

The dusk settled for a tiresome day and the body signaled lets retire for today. The sweet scent of the every night whisked me to enough to forget my cares and wrap me in the closet of warm love.

The partnership of our understanding across the years brought me to proudly say, “My 3.00am friend is truly the bestest.”

BlogThe essence of you is my asset now. I take this and walk my journey ahead.


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